Genshin Impact is a game filled to the brim with cute characters, but none are nearly as cute as mini seelies. These tiny friends accompany the player on their adventure, floating next to them as they explore the world. There are five colors of mini seelies available: Dayflower, Rosé, Curcuma, Viola, and Moss. Here’s how you can get one of these mini seelies in Genshin Impact.

How to get all mini seelies in Genshin Impact

How to get mini seelies

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There are five colors of mini seelies currently available, including blue, pink, gold, purple, and green. Players can only purchase one type of mini seelie, so the decision may be intimidating, but we have a quiz to determine which seelie color you should pick. A mini seelie costs 200 Ancient Iron Coins, which can be obtained by digging up treasure in the Lost Riches event. Each buried treasure chest rewards the player with 30 Ancient Iron Coins, meaning that players must open seven chests to afford a mini seelie.

In order to purchase a mini seelie, players must also open all of the chests in Treasure Area six. To view their progress, players can open the Events menu and press Event Details on the Lost Riches page. Once they have enough currency, players can buy the mini seelie color of their choice from the Exchange Shop and equip it via the Gadget menu. The mini seelie is a permanent item, and more color variations can be purchased at the next Lost Riches event.

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