A Study in Potions brings the most unlikely duo, Timaeus and Yan’er, together to form an alchemical component based on the legendary Smoldersleet Elixir. Players Adventure Rank 30 and above who have completed the Liyue Archon Quest Chapter I, Act II: Farewell, Archaic Lord are eligible to participate. The event runs from Jan. 7, 2022 to Jan. 17, 2022, and contains multiple Domains that unlock within the event period.

When you meet the prerequisites, you’ll automatically obtain the Event Quest called Elixirs and Potions, which starts by talking to Timaeus in Monstadt. Simply follow through the quest with the help of quest markers to unlock the Dusty Wrack Domain in Mt. Tianheng.

Domain Mechanics

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There are three Domains in this event: the Dusty Wrack, Sealed Ruins, and Solitary Rampart. The first is available on the first day of the event, while the other two will release in two-day intervals.

Upon interacting with a Domain, you’ll be greeted with four stages that can be challenged in any order. However, successfully challenging a stage will cause the others’ difficulty to spike.

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You can form a party of four characters accompanied by three potions in each challenge. There are four trial characters that you can pick to join your team, but they will be exempt from any Elemental Resonance bonuses. For example, if you take Kazuha from the trial character selection and take Jean from your original roster of characters, you won’t get the Anemo Resonance bonus.

Each potion provides different buffs, such as increasing your Normal Attack by a percentage or increasing your Elemental Particle gain under certain conditions.

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Once you complete the challenge, which involves defeating multiple waves of monsters, you can choose to Save Record or not. If you choose Do Not Save, your challenge progress won’t be recorded. If you choose Save Record, your challenge progress will be recorded and the characters and potions you used will be on standby.

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When characters and potions are on standby, you can’t use them in the next challenge. This can be problematic as the next challenge is always harder than the previous, so you want to plan out your character distribution beforehand.

But when you complete the second challenge and select Save Record, the characters and potions you used in the first challenge will be available again, while those you used in the second challenge will be on standby. So like the Spiral Abyss, you need to have two teams to complete this event.

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If you miscalculate the difficulty of the battle, simply click on the previous battle and select Reset Trial. This will reset your progress, but allow you to choose from your entire roster of characters and potions again. Your objective is to complete all the tasks in the Event Details section of the Event menu to get rewards.

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