Splatoon 3 has become one of the biggest games within Nintendo’s arsenal. Besides being the latest in the franchise, it offers several different abilities and game mechanics that weren’t offered in the previous installments. There is also a huge variety of gear that players can take advantage of on the field. Each piece of gear that you come across will have what’s known as Ability Slots. The abilities in these slots are given to players at random as they earn XP. However, did you know that you can reroll your gear abilities?

How to Reroll Abilities in Splatoon 3

The first thing that you’re going to want to do is find Murch in the Splatlands. Murch is an orange sea urchin with black-purple hair and one, green eye who can be found directly next to the battle lobby.

Image via Nintendo

When you offer him Super Sea Snails, you’ll be given the ability to reroll the ability slots of any gear. It’s important to know that before doing this, you must be at level four first. While talking to Murch, you will also have the ability to give him Ability Chunks in order to swap out the primary ability of your gear.

As you level up in-game, you’ll be able to unlock up to three secondary abilities that you can also reroll.

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