Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away is a Genshin Impact world quest located at Yashiori Island, Inazuma. If you’ve completed Orobashi’s Legacy: Part III, you’ve likely already encountered Chouji, since he’s standing directly beside the Sacred Stone Mound.

Find Chouji at the location marked below to start Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away.

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Talk to Chouji and give him 12 Crystal Marrow, which can be collected from the serpent bones all throughout Yashiori Island. In exchange, he’ll give you the location of hidden treasure.

Visit the treasure spot and then confront Chouji. Afterwards, you’ll need to turn your clock between 11:00-14:00 for the following day before you can speak to him again.

After talking with Chouji, turn over 12 more Crystal Marrow. He will now invite you to his home, where you’ll learn more about his situation as well as the recipe for Imported Poultry.

Chouji will mention a shrine, which is just beside his house on the right. Summon the nearby Electrogram to pass through the barrier and interact with the shrine. Talk to Chouji again to complete the quest and earn:

  • Adventure EXP (200)
  • Mora (20,000)
  • Primogems (30)
  • Hero’s Wit books (2)

After completing Gazing Three Thousand Miles Away and allowing some time to pass, you can return to Chouji to assist with another issue. Doing so will unlock multiple chests along with the achievement “…And I Would Walk 3,000 More.”

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