Those logging into Destiny 2 may have noticed that the always reliable chat service has been disabled. Due to an exploit that had been abused by players that soured the experience for others, Bungie has taken corrective measures until the issue has been resolved.

Destiny 2 Chat Exploit, explained

Beginning on July 30, 2022, Bungie disabled text chat across all platforms in Destiny 2. This was in response to reports that players could cause the game to crash for others by overloading the character limit of text chat.

This exploit ran rampant, and many streamers fell victim to planned attacks by malicious viewers. There were also those caught in the crossfire and subject to trolls simply looking to ruin everyone’s time. Until Bungie disabled chat, players were going to extremes like leaving their clan, turning whispers off, closing their fireteams, and avoiding anywhere with a local or team chat.

This isn’t the first time that chat issues like this have arisen in a game. New World had a similar issue back in October 2021 where players could link an item, and its image would go beyond the borders of the game. Anyone who tried to view it would find their game crashed. It was affectionately referred to as “being flashbanged.”

While having chat disabled isn’t game-breaking, it’s nice to have in instances like raids or dungeons where mechanics need to be explained. Still, it’s better than being at risk of having your game crashed because someone decided to be a jerk. At the time of this writing, there isn’t an ETA for when chat will be re-enabled by Bungie.

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