Have you ever been running around an experience in Roblox and thought: Man, this would be so much better with music? If so, we’ve got you covered! Song ID codes allow you to blast whatever music you’d like through your boombox, so long as it’s allowed by the developer of the experience.

There are a multitude of ID codes to choose from in Roblox, from love songs to anime soundtracks, funny songs to ones in the spirit of the season—there’s one for any situation! More recently, songs that garner fame on the social media app TikTok have also seen popularity on Roblox, including the upbeat pop-rap song FVN! by LVL1. The ID code for this song can be found below!

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FVN! ID and Info

FVN! is a song that features both English and Spanish lyrics, a house style backtrack, and an impressively catchy tune. The song became a meme on TikTok after being taken over by cat lovers showing off the funniest, and cutest, moments from their feline friends. LVL1 released FVN! in the beginning of 2021 and the music video, posted in May 2021, has received over 2 million views.

  • FVN! Song ID Code: 6931586320

How to redeem ID Codes

Song ID codes can be used in Roblox in two ways—through any experience that allows Boombox compatibility, or through the popular battle royale style game, Catalogue Heaven. If you’re looking for a permanent way to listen to music in various experiences, we’d recommend purchasing a Boombox from the Roblox avatar shop. If you just want to try out songs and aren’t worried about bringing them with you, hop into Catalogue Heaven and search their free catalogue for the Boombox.

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