Act II of Genshin Impact‘s Midsummer Island Adventure brings brand new islands to explore in the Golden Apple Archipelago, along with many more quests to complete. From Outer Lands is a world quest that begins automatically when you discover the first half of a wrecked ship on one of the new islands.

To start this quest, head to the unnamed island that has appeared just west of the Twinning Isle. This new island look similar to the others surrounding it, but you can spot the ship at its peak. Climb up the island’s high cliff (carefully) until you reach the ship, where you’ll pry a rotting wooden plank from its body.

Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

After reading the first part of the sailor’s story, you’ll be prompted to find the other half of the wrecked ship somewhere in the archipelago. Sail on over to the area marked below, east of the new central island.

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Screenshot via Pro Game Guides

Now that you’ve located both halves of the ship and completed the sailor’s testimony, it’s time to search for the ship’s precious cargo. A wide exploration area on your map will be marked in yellow; use your Waverider to search the highlighted area by investigating the bubbles that appear near other wreckage sites. Eventually, you’ll trigger a very short battle that you can fight from your Waverider by firing a few cannonballs.

Defeating the enemy completes the From Outer Lands quest and rewards you with a chest for more goodies. While you sail around the Golden Apple Archipalego, keep an eye out for Echoing Conches to collect Barbara’s free (for a limited time) summer outfit and plenty of primogems.

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