The Beast of Prey Collection Event running from September 20, 2022, to October 4, 2022 will introduce the new LTM Gun Run, Loba’s heirloom, and collection cosmetics. Like every collection event, it will also feature a free reward track with daily challenges to complete.

You can earn points to progress through the reward track by completing daily challenges during the event. Here are all the rewards and points required to unlock:

  • 250 Points: Beast of Prey Badge and Beast of Prey Music Pack
  • 500 Points: Legend tracker
  • 750 Points: Legend tracker
  • 1000 Points: Rare Apex Pack
  • 1250 Points: Legend tracker
  • 1500 Points: Spiked Backpack Charm
  • 2000 Points: Legend tracker
  • 2500 Points: Legend tracker
  • 3000 Points: Vantage skin
  • 3500 Points: Devotion skin
  • 4000Points: Legend tracker
  • 5000 Points: Flatline skin

To earn all free rewards, you will have to complete at least three days’ worth of daily challenges, however, the points do increase with each tier of challenge, so it may be able to be completed sooner. Players will have two weeks to complete the free reward track when the collection event releases on September 20.

Check out how the free rewards look in the Beast of Prey Collection Event below!

Screenshot via Kralkindo Twitter

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