Foxhole simulates the brutal reality of war in a MMORPG-style game that puts you in control of an average soldier. While the game is a lot about shooting and long ranged contact, sometimes you have to hike up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. And while punching your opponents to death is one option, the Bayonet is another more reliable method. Here’s how to use a Bayonet in Foxhole. 

How to use the Bayonet in Foxhole

To use a bayonet

  • Equip your Rifle and the Bayonet
  • Draw your rifle and then “Fix” your Bayonet using the F key (for Fix bayonet)
  • Wait three seconds (the affixing cooldown)
  • Use the Left Mouse Button to melee attack
  • You can still fire normally while aiming with the Right Mouse Button.

If you unequip your rifle, you must reaffix your Bayonet again with the F key.

You can also perform a slash attack with the Bayonet by turning while aiming. This will slash any enemies within melee range.

General Bayonet info.

Bayonets can be affixed to every Rifle, Long Rifle, or Heavy Rifle in Foxhole, except the Sampo Auto-Rifle, because the F key is bound to its firing mode.

Bayonets can hit the crew of open top vehicles such as Field Guns, Bicycles and Motorcycles.

Bayonets will kill all enemy soldiers in one hit, except for a Warden soldier with a Gunner’s Breastplate Uniform.

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