It’s time to get a bit negative and look at the currently worst guns in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Now because a gun is the worst doesn’t make it useless, and I’m not saying all of these guns have no place in the game. I’m just looking at which guns are immediately getting dropped in your arsenal as soon as you see another weapon!

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Update (7/14/18): There’s been a lot of big changes in Fortnite recently. Most guns in the game are DECENT, but the ones listed below are at the bottom of the totem pole. SMGs are now a quality piece of your arsenal, and make for a great second option next to your shotgun. The Minigun is even worth keeping around these days, it’s great for spamming down walls and pressuring opponents (especially in Squads).

The Worst Guns in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Again I must stress that these guns aren’t useless, but are easily replaced by better weapons. I will sometimes be referencing the rarity of a gun, that doesn’t mean the overall gun is bad.

Common Pistol

Very weak gun with poor accuracy that is dumped at the first sign of just about any other gun. Would be okay as a close range weapon if shotguns didn’t exist, but unfortunately shotguns are just far better.


Hard to use gun that requires pin point accuracy to make viable. It also seems like it has bloom on the first shot unless you are absolutely still and/or crouching with it. The gun also has an extremely slow fire rate that will require you to either land a headshot or hope your opponent is constantly missing you while you line up your shots.

In most cases, you are just outclassed by shotguns or faster weapons that can eat away your health like a smg or assault rifle.

Hand Cannon

It’s a shame that the Hand Cannon is so bad at the moment, but due to a ton of damage fall off the gun is just not worth using unless you have no other option. It’s better than the Revolver, but unless you have insane aim you’d most likely rather have the normal pistol in close range situations. The Hand Cannon is still decent in situations where you have enough time to pop off shots from cover, but unless you are hitting headshots, it’s hardly going to be worth using.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

While the Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle is not terrible, it’s also not good unless you are a die hard sniper fan without a Bolt-Action or Hunting Rifle option. It’s clunky to use, and it doesn’t deal much damage even when you are able to land a shot. While head shots are strong, the body shots only do 63 – 66 damage. This means you would almost always rather be firing an assault rifle and landing a couple of shots to do the same amount of damage. Most enemies, once you fire this at them, are going to be really hard to hit. If you want to stay outside of cover and take advantage of the multi-shot nature of this gun, it leaves you vulnerable to being hit by anyone paying attention.

Gray (Common) Burst Assault Rifle

I’m singling out the rarity on this one, because the green and blue ones are decent options. However, the common version of this gun is painfully bad. Not only does it do pretty weak damage per hit, but trying to actually land more than one burst shot on an enemy is a tall task. It fires all over the place, and is mostly reliant on luck and your opponent just not moving to actually land shots. This doesn’t mean all of the burst options are bad, but the gray version stands out from the pack.

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