Fortnite has released its official teaser for Operation: Sky Fire, which is the event that ends Chapter 2 Season 7 and brings us into Chapter 2 Season 8. This season has been full of surprises, changes to the map, and insane events, so we’re expecting this event to be massive to keep up with those trends. Based on the Fortnite lore, Doctor Slone is certainly no slouch; she wouldn’t let the island go down without a fight.

Unfortunately, fans of the game are still left wanting more, as the teaser doesn’t reveal much. The image below was leaked from multiple high-profile Twitter sources, and seems to only reveal the date and Doctor Slone as (of course) the central figure of the operation.

The Operation Sky Fire teaser promo

September 12, 2021 has been the rumored end date of the season for quite some time, and this teaser seems to confirm it. The in-game countdown display is scheduled to begin on September 3, 2021 at 9am CT and end on September 12, 2021 at 3pm CT.

Doctor Slone seems to have a trick up her sleeves for the Alien Mothership. From what we can gather about the image, it seems another location will be abducted (Corny Complex) and Doctor Slone may have large-scale bombs attached to them. This is, of course, speculation. Still, it would be poetic justice for the abduction of crucial sites to be what ultimately takes the enemies down, right?

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