Our Fortnitmares Ghost Decoration Locations guide has all of the ghosts you’ll need to complete this challenge in Part 2 of Fortnitemares! There’s plenty of ghosts to choose from, and you’ll find them across the map. However, certain named areas don’t have any decorations, so you’ll want to avoid them and head to the spots listed on our Ghost Decoration Map!

You can find more information on the event with our Fortnitemares Cheat Sheets and Guide!

Ghost Decoration Locations List & Map

I’ve flown across the map to find all of the ghostly locations you’ll need to complete the challenge. A lot of the areas listed have multiple ghosts, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding and dispatching these spooky decorations. I’ve left more descriptive text about some of the locations below, it should help you find the ghost in the particular area if you are having trouble.

Flush Factory

Ghosts have infiltrated the lobby area of the Flush Factory! You will find three of these hanging from the ceiling.

Greasy Grove

Look for the ghost at the southern house with the red light being blasted onto the front door hanging right over the car.

Lazy Links

Head to the west side of Lazy Links where the pro shop is and you’ll find two ghosts hanging out in the front.

Lonely Lodge

Right in-front of the main Lodge you’ll find three ghosts hanging from the roof. You only get credit for one though!

Lucky Landing

The ghosts have even made there way into Lucky Landing, and you’ll find them setup shop at the concession stand on the east side of Lucky!

Paradise Palms

At the luxurious Paradise Palms, you will find ghosts hanging out right in front of the Hotel 23 lobby area.

Pleasant Park

There’s multiple here, but for sure one is at the north western brick house hanging from a tree near the front door.

Retail Row

In the house section of Retail Row, head to the northern portion and find the ghost hovering over the card in the driveway of the house with the red light being beamed onto the front door.

Risky Reels

There’s a ton of ghosts at Risky Reels, they are all hanging from the light posts.

Salty Springs

At the north western most brick house you’ll find a ghost hanging from a tree near the front door.

Snobby Shores

If you head to the northern most house, you’ll find a couple of ghosts hanging out under a tree! There’s probably more than just these, but these are the most obvious ones.

Tilted Towers

Lots of ghosts tethered to light posts in Tilted Towers. Just run around and try not to get eliminated and you’ll see one.

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