On March 29, Fortnite announced via Twitter that a new mode would join the permanent rotation of the game. Fortnite Zero Build removes the ability for players to build in the field, forcing users to rely solely on their combat capabilities.

While a minority of players have voiced displeasure at introducing this mode, the community has been welcoming of this addition. The announcement has garnered a largely positive reception, with fans in the comment section applauding the decision to add this game mode, including large streamers like DrLupo, Asmongold, and TimtheTatman.

Zero Build gives all players the recharging Overshield to compensate for the lack of building options. Ascenders, Blimps, and Mantling are vital components to surviving and outplaying opponents without building opportunities.

Few games are as popular in the live-service domain as Fortnite. While the game garners acclaim from various gaming circles, some shy away from the game because of its building aspect, a problem Epic Games plans to remedy with their most recent update.

To see information on Fortnite Zero Build, visit the blog post by The Fortnite Team on the Epic Games website.

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