Our Fortnite Season 8 Skins List will feature every available cosmetic from the Season 8 Battle Pass! We’ll be looking at cosmetics such as outfits, back blings, harvesting tools, wraps, gliders, emotes, loading screens, contrails, pets, toys, sprays, and emoticons! We’ll also be including whatever new type of cosmetic happens to come along once the battle pass has been released!

This is the 8th season of Fortnite but technically the 7th in terms of battle passes. The first season was totally unique, you ranked up your season level which enabled you to purchase skins with V-Bucks. Now-a-days you can just purchase the battle pass, and earn them by completing challenges. Players who were also on top of things got to do Overtime Challenges that when completed would give them Season 8 for free!

Fortnite Season 8 Skins & Cosmetics List



  • Blackheart: Tier 1
  • Hybrid: Tier 1
  • Sidewinder: Tier 23
  • Peely: Tier 47
  • Ember: Tier 71
  • Master Key: Tier 87
  • Luxe: Tier 100



  • Sky Serpents: Tier 15
  • Cinder: Tier 30
  • Lockstep: Tier 39
  • Booty Buoy: Tier 79
  • Palm Leaf: Win a Game.



  • Snakebite: Tier 38
  • Lockpick: Tier 55
  • Dragon’s Claw: Hybrid Challenges
  • Flawless: Luxe Challenges
  • Swag Masher: Blackheart Challenges

Back Bling


  • Cobra: Tier 7
  • Master Portal: Tier 22
  • High Caliber: Luxe Challenges
  • Mutiny: Blackheart Challenges



  • Hello Friend: Tier 14
  • Conga: Tier 31
  • Snoozefest: Tier 46
  • Nana Nana: Tier 63
  • Hoop Master: Tier 95
  • Dragon Stance: Hybrid Challenges
  • Fierce: Luxe Challenges



  • Woodsy: Tier 19
  • Dodger: Tier 52



  • Tropical Camo: Tier 5
  • Driftwood: Tier 28
  • Sunprint: Tier 43
  • Dragon Scales: Tier 60
  • Tiger Stripes: Tier 77
  • Gemstone: Tier 98




  • GG Snakes: Tier 2
  • The Brood: Tier 6
  • Peeled: Tier 14
  • Mermaid: Tier 20
  • Dance Mat: Tier 26
  • Skeleton Key: Tier 36
  • Woot Bonesy: Tier 44
  • Love Ranger: Tier 48
  • Fallen Love Ranger: Tier 54
  • The End: Tier 62
  • Brite Bomber: Tier 68
  • Ember: Tier 75
  • Salty: Tier 80
  • Luxe: Tier 90

Loading Screens


Season 8 Teaser Images

There were four teasers released prior to the launch of Season 8. These usually hint at what skins we’ll be getting, so it looks like we’ll likely get a pirate of some kind, something to do with snakes/cobras, a beast animal skin of some type, and finally a banana skin.

You could also combine all of these teasers into one image that created a skull with what appears to be a volcano at the bottom.

Season 8 Teasers Combined

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Shop Skins Prior to Season 8

A lot of the time the skins that show up in the shop kind of give you a sense of what’s to come in terms of the season theme. We got two pretty different sets of skins leading up to the release of Season 8: Deep Sea and Robo Rebels. The Deep Sea set ties in pretty well with the idea of a pirate theme, but the Robo Rebels are a bit hard to match up with the teasers we saw.

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