Our Fortnite Season 6 Week 10 Challenges List and Cheat Sheet brings you all of the solutions and answers for the challenges you need to complete for the week. We have maps to treasure and item locations, as well as tips for completing all of them as quickly as possible!

This week we’ll be building structures, visiting a viking ship, camel, and a crashed Battle bus, searching chests at Tilted and Paradise Palms, placing Mounted turrets in different matches, landing at various locations, completing vehicle time trials, and getting eliminations with different weapon types.

Fortnite Season 6: Week 10 Cheat Sheet

If you want to check at where to find all the challenges, here’s a cheat sheet for you! Check below for more detailed information on these challenges. Credit to SquatingDog.

Week 10 Challenges List for Season 6

Free Battle Pass Challenges List

  • Build Structures (250)
  • Visit a Viking ship, a camel and a crashed Battle Bus (3)
  • Search Chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms (7) (HARD)

Paid Battle Pass Challenges List

  • Place Mounted Turrets in different matches (3)
  • Stage 1: Land at Lazy Links (1)
  • Complete vehicle timed trials (3) (HARD)
  • Stage 1: Shotgun Elimination (1) (HARD)

Hidden Banner Week 10

  • Hidden Banner

Check out our Fortnite Season 6 Guide for guides on every week of challenges, and you’ll find all of the hidden stars on our Season 6 Secret Battle Star Locations Guide!

Build Structures (250)

An easy one to start us off. Building structures shouldn’t be too difficult for you since you should be doing it constantly. This is a good way to practice some building a live situation, just make sure to harvest like a crazy person.

Visit a Viking ship, a camel and a crashed Battle Bus (3)

You don’t need to visit all of these in the same game, but hit each spot at least once. The Viking Ship you should be pretty familiar with, the location was added to the map in Season 5. There used to be a crashed Battle Bus near Shifty Shafts, but that has been removed and there’s a new one to the west of Lazy Links. The Camel should also be pretty familiar to you, all you need to do is head to the desert area to the south west of Paradise Palms to find it!

Search Chests at Tilted Towers or Paradise Palms (7) (HARD)

This is an interesting challenge in that you have two options for the chests. I like this a bit better than the standard find a chest challenge because it shouldn’t be as crazy as usual. Tilted is always going to be nuts, but at least you’ll have Paradise Palms to hit if you like a bit more quiet of a spot.

Paradise Palms Treasure Chests
Tilted Towers Treasure Chests

Place Mounted Turrets in different matches (3)

This shouldn’t be too difficult, just make sure to lay these down once you get them. Don’t wait for the prime moment because you might get eliminated before even getting a chance to place one of these. There’s no real science to finding them, you just have to kind of get lucky with your chests.

Stage 1: Land at Lazy Links (1)

There are five stages to this one! You’ll be landing at the following locations in order: Lazy Links, Snobby Shores, Lucky Landing, Lonely Lodge, and Salty Springs.

Complete vehicle timed trials (3) (HARD)

So, these are just like the timed trials you’ve done in the past, but they require you to use a vehicle. You can find all the locations above on the cheat sheet, but if you want a guide on how-to complete some of these check out the video below. You’ll also likely want the locations to the Quadcrashers which you can find here.

Stage 1: Shotgun Elimination (1) (HARD)

Another Stages challenges, this time you start with Shotguns and then need to do Assault Rifles and then Pistols.

Hidden Banner

Once you’ve completed all the challenges for the week you will be given the following loading screen. You can see on the speaker to the left of DJ Yonder that there’s some coordinates. If you follow these, you will find the hidden banner.

This location can be found in to the west of Paradise Palms. Go to the exact portion of the map designated in the coordinates, right where the lines cross. Make sure you’ve finished all your challenges or it won’t appear!

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