Our Fortnite Season 6 Hidden Battle Stars & Banner Locations guide features all of the battle star locations for the Hunting Party Challenges! If you complete seven weeks of challenges in Season 6 of the battle pass you will gain access to the Legendary Mystery Item that comes along with the season!

What’s up with these secret battle stars? Well, it all started in season 4 where you could unlock a loading screen whenever you completed all of that week’s challenges. Some eagle eyed player noticed the outline of a battle star in one of the loading screens. They went to the location and low and behold there was a star that they could collect! Now, you aren’t required to get the hidden stars to complete the Hunting Party Challenges, but they are great for leveling up your battle pass!

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Hunting Party Mystery Skin


The skin you will get for completing the Hunting Party Challenges has been revealed! It’s A.I.M., who is a bot… Get it? NO?! AIM BOT! There we go, now we’re on the same page.

Season 6 Hidden Battle Star Locations

Each week you complete will unlock a loading screen, that screen has a hint to the location of the hidden battle star! Before you go hunting for these stars, be sure you complete the particular week’s challenges because it won’t be there until you do so.

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Season 6: Week 1 Hidden Battle Star Location

The first week loading screen you earn is showing off the new legendary Calamity skin along with her good buddy Giddy-Up who is riding his inflatable Llama. If you look closely on the right, you also see something interesting. It looks like a scarecrow styled skin, we have not seen this in the data-mines, so there’s speculation that it might be the mystery skin. However, we have nothing to prove this yet. Back to the battle star! If you look over the red tractor you can see the transparent secret star.

This location is over in Paradise Palms, so head to the location listed below on the map and get your first Season 6 star!

Season 6: Week 2 Hidden Banner Location

So, this is an odd situation here. Normally we get seven weeks of battle stars in a row, but Epic might have thrown us a curve ball. At the end of Season 5, they were still giving you loading screens after week 7 but no battle stars. Instead they started to give you banner icons. Now, it appears that in the week 2 loading screen you are going to find a banner icon rather than a star. Take a close look at the circled area in this loading screen:

If you are wanting a new icon for your banner, you can head to the carriage it’s pointing at which is also in Paradise Palms.

Season 6: Week 3 Hidden Battle Star Location

This week is again a battle star. The loading screen is of the Fable skins fighting off some of those pesky werewolves which are the Dire Tier 100 Battle Pass skin. If you look above the cabin and near the chimney, you’ll see that battle star you are looking to get.

You’ll find the spot to the north west portion of Wailing Woods above the cabin:

Season 6: Week 4 Hidden Banner Location

Time for a banner this week. Once you finish all the week 4 challenges, you’ll get the following loading screen with both the Fable and Dusk skins featured prominently.

As you can see from the circle, there’s a llama with a banner over it. You’ll find this llama at the north western corner above Junk Junction. Here’s a map with the location:

Season 6: Week 5 Hidden Battle Star Location

Back to hunting for another battle star, this time we’re going to be heading to the haunted castle on the hill. Once you finish all the challenges for the week, you’ll get the following loading screen.

You can find the location with the map below!

Season 6: Week 6 Hidden Banner Location

We’re back to another banner, so check out the loading screen below with the secret spot shown on the tree!

You can find the Truckasaurus that’s being displayed on the tree to the south of Lonely Lodge.

Season 6: Week 7 Hidden Battle Star Location

Once you’ve finished all of the week 7 challenges, you’ll get the following loading screen with the battle star over the boat on the right.

Here’s a map to the exact location of the Battle Star:

Season 6: Week 8 Hidden Banner Location

Once you’ve finished all of the week 8 challenges, you’ll get the following loading screen with the hidden banner located on the chimney.

You can find this location at Flush Factory, and you’ll even see the parachute featured in the image when you get there. Check out the map below for the exact location!

Season 6: Week 9 Hidden Battle Star

Once you’ve finished all of the week 9 challenges, you’ll get the following loading screen with the hidden banner located over the barbecue at Leaky Lake.

You can find the exact location on the map below.

Season 6: Week 10 Hidden Banner Location

If you finish the final week of the Season 6 battle pass you will get the following loading screen. If you look on the big speaker, you’ll see some coordinates that correspond with a specific spot on the map.

You can find the exact location on the map below.

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