Our Fortnite week 9 challenges guide for season 4 goes through the challenges that have you damaging opponents with explosive weapons, searching chests in Moisty Mire, using a shopping cart, heading to the middle of named locations, searching for treasure from Haunted Hill, eliminating people with shotguns and in Anarchy Acres!

Season 4 Battle Pass Challenges for Week 9

If you haven’t already, be sure to complete your Week 8 Challenges! Also, check out our full overview of Fortnite Season 4!

Deal damage with Explosive Weapons to opponents

Grab a rocket or grenade launcher and start landing them on your enemies! Explosives like grenades, remote explosives, and sticky bombs will work for this challenge. If you want to learn more about these weapons, check out our Grenade and Rocket Launcher Tips Guide!

Search Chests in Moisty Mire

Moisty is a pretty unpopular landing spot, but the movie set area is a great spot for chests. You can also hit the big tree to the north east that usually has at least a couple chests around it. The jail area north east will very likely not count towards this challenge. Check out a full map of the chests in Moisty Mire below!

Moisty Mire Chest Locations

Use a Shopping Cart

Grab a shopping cart and start pushing it around to get credit for this challenge. You can find all of the areas that potentially have shopping carts on the below map thanks to fortnitechests.info!

Visit the center of Named Locations in a Single Match

All you need to do is head to the center of the various labeled locations on the map. It’s going to be easier to hit less popular cities, so on the fringes of the map. You need to do this all in one match, so try not to take on too many fights if you are a newer player!

Follow the treasure map found in Haunted Hills (HARD)

No need to go to Haunted Hill for the map, just head to Junk Junction and on the north side of it on top of a pile of crush cars will be the treasure. It’s directly north of the main warehouse in Junk Junction.

Shotgun Eliminations (HARD)

Shotguns are generally your primary way to get eliminations in game, so I don’t expect this one to be too difficult. However, due to the recent nerfs to the pump and tactical, always be on the look out for that heavy shotgun because it’s super good now! If you are having some trouble with shotguns, check out our Shotgun Tips Guide!

Eliminate opponents in Anarchy Acres

Anarchy can be a pretty sparse area if a lot of people are landing there. So be sure to dive on a weapon and loot quickly. The big house to the north usually has the most loot, but that’s a very popular area to hit. Going into the first floor of this spot can be a good idea, because of the loot on the first floor and you can quickly get to the second floor before people who landed on the roof get to it.

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