The Fortnite Quadcrasher is a fast moving vehicle that can barrel through structures or launch you great distances with its powerful boost. Epic has been focused heavily on getting around the map quickly, and this vehicle aides that further. Our Quadcrasher locations and information guide will walk you through where-to find and how-to use it.

These new vehicles are somewhat like ATKs but not exactly… You can’t drift these like in Mario Kart, but you build up your booster by driving them. You can then unleash the speed by hitting the boost button and that will allow you to burst through structures of all types! This isn’t just structures you can destroy, you can break through trees and any other breakable item that stands in your way.

ATKs are still in the game, you can find them generally at Lazy Links if you want to take your squad around the map.

Quadcrasher Release Date

Quadcrashers released on October 16th, 2018.

Quadcrasher Basics

  • Seats two players.
  • You build boost just by driving. Unleash that speed with the hotkey once you’ve filled your boost meter.
  • Smash through buildings while boosting.
  • Boost off ramps or cliffs to catch sick air.
  • Launch players into the air by smashing into them.
  • It has 400 hp.
  • You still take fall damage while riding one of these if you land awkwardly.

Quadcrasher Locations & Where-to Find

Quadcrashers are all over the map, but to the east of Junk Junction there’s a racetrack location that you can drive these around with a timed race and everything!

In Season 7, you can find quite a few Quadcrashers in locations like this one:

If you don’t have the map readily available, then these are easy to spot and will always yield you a vehicle.

Quadcrasher Controls

If you’re confused about your controls, you can customize all of these in the options.

  • Your Crouch key is going to be Switch Seat. You can switch from driver to passenger or vice versa.
  • Boost is your jump key.
  • Exit is going to be your use key.

Quadcrasher Tips & Tricks

  • You’ll only really want to barrel into fights that are ongoing or have just ended. These are probably going to be very loud, so anyone with ears will hear you coming from a mile away. Look to burst into a battle by closing the distance fast with one of these.
  • Use that ability to break structures to knock down your enemies!
  • You won’t want to use up too much of your booster if you are planning on barreling through a structure. You only get a finite amount and driving will build it up.
  • You can hold down the booster button and it will boost you each time you have boost available.

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