Epic Games has surprised us with several quests in Fortnite related to their new Battle Pass outfit: Neymar Jr. To completely unlock all the content for this famous Brazilian soccer player, you must complete each quest. In this guide, we cover where you can talk to the soccer players that are now on the island.

Where to Talk to an Island Soccer Player

There are three soccer players on the island. One of them is exactly where you might expect: at the soccer field in Pleasant Park. However, there are two others to use to complete this line of quests. Use the map and directions below to find them, as the soccer field at Pleasant Park is will likely be packed full of players ready to eliminate you.

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Fortnite Soccer NPC locations.
  • Shot Stopper: Shot Stopper is in the small soccer field on the southeastern corner of Dirty Docks. It is right next to the yard full of truck trailers.
  • Derby Dominator: Derby Dominator is in the small soccer field on the western edge of Holly Hedges. It is next to the house with several gnomes.
  • Galactico: Galactico is at the soccer field on the southern half of Pleasant Park.

While the quest is still fresh, you will probably run into several other players if you land at the soccer field early in the match. Most of them will be there to complete the quests, same as you, but always be ready for players that like to mow down the soccer field for the easy kill count. As time goes on throughout the season, the soccer fields will probably be far less popular.

Once you have finished talking to an island soccer player, you will unlock the Soccer Ball Emote Toy and a Neymar Jr banner.

We have covered the complete list of Neymar challenges. Next up, use our guide on How to Score a Goal with a Soccer Ball Toy as Neymar Jr!

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