A fan-favorite weapon may be returning to Fortnite in Chapter 3 Season 2 shortly. The Lightsaber melee weapon made its first appearance during the Star Wars event in 2019. The Lightsaber was briefly unvaulted in 2020 from May 2 to May 5 to celebrate Star Wars Day.

Now, a Fortnite leak indicates the Lightsaber may return this season. A video posted by LunakisLeaks on Twitter shows the four variations of the Lightsaber weapon in a Fortnite game. The video seems to be from Chapter 3 Season 2 based on the IO Airships in the background.

The video is not concrete evidence that Lightsabers will return, but it could mean Fortnite has a Star Wars crossover event planned for Star Wars Day. Season 2 is expected to end on June 3, so there would be plenty of time for a Star Wars update before then. Star Wars Day is on May 4, so players may be able to wield a Lightsaber in an upcoming update.

There has not been any leaks revealing new Star Wars content, so old Star Wars cosmetics may come back to the shop as well. Based on the video, the previous Lightsaber variations will all return. The Lightsabers that seem to be used in-game are Rey’s blue saber, Kylo Ren’s red cross-hilt saber, Luke’s green saber, and Mace Windu’s purple blade.

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