Learn all you need to know about Fortnite’s new Infinity Blade! That’s right, Epic has added the first true melee item to the game. We’ll walk you through where to find it, how-to use it, how much damage it does, and go through some tips and tricks!

This is one of the more interesting items ever added to the game. It is reminiscent of the Infinity Gauntlet with Thanos, although this time it has been added to the standard Battle Royale experience. You also don’t transform into a big purple monster looking guy, but that’s besides the point.

Update: The Infinity Blade has been added to the vault with the following statement from Epic:

Heya folks, We messed up and rolled out the Infinity Blade overpowered / without good counters, especially in the end game. The Infinity Blade has been Vaulted and we are re-evaluating our approach to Mythic items. Thanks for calling us out on this!


The sword was largely thought of as overpowered and game breaking to a lot of people. It had a profound impact on the competitive scene and the Winter Royale. Epic has seen the error in their ways and has vaulted it, but I would hope in the future that they’d test game altering items like this a bit more thoroughly.

Where-to Find the Infinity Blade (Sword)

Infinity Blade Map Location

If you want to harness the power of the Infinity Blade then you are going to have to head to Polar Peak. This is a new area of interest that was added in the Season 7 patch. You are going to be under heavy pressure once you get here, so I don’t recommend going for it right away. A lot of people will be landing here, and unless you know you can get it first, I would try to grab a weapon and eliminate the person who grabs it.

There’s only ONE Infinity Blade spawned in each game.

How-to Use the Infinity Blade (Sword)

The Infinity Blade is pretty simple to use. First, when you attempt to grab it out of the pedestal, it will take around 3 – 5 seconds to pull it out of the stone. Once you are able to pull it out, you are immediately given 200 Shield and 200 HP. You also immediately drop any weapons or ammo you are carrying.

While you have the Infinity Blade you will slowly regenerate health and shields by 1 HP per second. You get an instant burst of 50 health or shield when you eliminate an enemy. Your movement speed is increased by 30% while it is equipped.

If you pick up the Infinity Blade after someone else has already taken it out of the stone, you will not instantly gain full health and shield. You will, however, be given double what you already have. So, if you have 50 hp and 50 shield, it will be doubled to 100 hp and 100 shield. If you had 100/100 already, you will be given 200/200.

You have two attack options, a primary and an alternate. The primary swing is a basic and kind of slow swing. When you swing, you kind of lunge forward, which means you won’t hit anything behind you. The secondary move, which will be whatever key you use to ADS, is a jumping swing. This swing allows you to launch forward and cover a lot of distance. You won’t take fall damage, and you will break through any structures. It’s very similar to using a Shockwave Grenade.

Infinity Blade (Sword) Damage Stats

The primary swing does 75 damage per hit, and the secondary jumping attack does 25 damage.

Infinity Blade Tips & Tricks

  • Your primary swing will break any structure with one swing and can be used for building up your resources. Believe it or not, you might actually want to build while you have the sword equipped. You can protect yourself, and close the distance on people shooting at you.
  • If you are building and want to switch back to the sword, just hit any of your weapon hotkeys.
  • Your secondary attack will not harvest any resources when you break trees or structures.
  • Holding primary fire down will do the normal whirl around swing, and also do a secondary backswing that seems a bit faster. If you have someone pinned in, it’s worth holding down the fire button so you can land this double swing.
  • The secondary attack can be used to travel great distances. You will not take fall damage when using this, and you can look up at an angle to launch yourself high and far with it. Keep in mind that when you land you will be stuck in that spot for a brief period.
  • When using the secondary attack, you can jump in the air and turn to face a different direction and launch that way. This can also be useful if you got knocked back off a cliff and you need to save yourself. Do the secondary attack to gain the invulnerability to fall damage.
  • If you are at an angle or on a ramp, your secondary attack will land very close in front of you. This can be bad if you are trying to get some distance, so make sure to jump if that’s the case. This can also be potentially used strategically, if you are trying to hit some AOE damage on people close by you. You can also quickly look downwards and hit the secondary to do a much shorter launch. If you master this, you can better aim how far you will travel when using this move.
  • Picking up any item other than resources will drop the blade. That even includes traps, shields, healing, shields, and ammo!
  • When using your secondary ability, you will only break structures that you physically go through or are EXTREMELY close to. If you land near an object, you will deal 100 damage to it.
  • You can break through Supply Llamas and they will drop loot like normal.

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