Our How-to Unlock the Prisoner Stages Guide will help you locate all of the items you will need to find to unlock the full skin. There are three additional stages to this awesome looking skin, so let’s take a look at what you need to do to find them.

The Prisoner skin is the hidden skin from the Snowfall Challenges you could obtain if you completed 60 challenges in Fortnite Season 7. It is one of the most detailed skin we’ve seen from the previous hidden unlockable options. It is very much worth its requirements, and is probably the best of previous skins. You also receive the Padlock Back Bling if you unlock it.While you will usually either be able to earn stage or have them automatically unlocked, it looks like The Prisoner required a bit more effect to get all of the stages.

Unlocking The Prisoners Stages

We know for sure that there are three additional stages for The Prisoner skin. There’s the default option that is available to you once you unlock it, and there will be three more stages you should be able to unlock.

Stage 1 (Default): Complete 60 Challenges in Season 7

The first stage is just the standard skin itself. You’ll need to complete 60 challenges over the course of Season 7 to unlock it. You need to unlock the skin before you can go and grab the other stages of the skin.

Stage 2: Find the Key

To unlock the first real stage of the skin, you’ll need to find the key to unlock it. It isn’t too hard to find, it’s in the castle on top of Polar Peak. It’s pretty much at the top floor of the building, and it’s on a table with an ornate box, some books, and other medieval items. You won’t see it until you get close to the table, but once you are close enough the key will pop up and you can use your interact key to obtain it.

Once you grab the key, your skin will immediately change to the second stage of the skin. When that particular game is over, it’ll show that you’ve unlocked the style and you can change it from the default to the first stage.

Here’s a look at the skin in Stage 2:

Stage 3: Head to Desert Biome Campfire

This one’s easy, just head to the campfire that is located in Paradise Palms and interact with the it. Here’s a map to the location:

Here’s a look at Stage 3:

Stage 4: North of Wailing Woods Ring of Fire

The final stage of The Prisoner skin can finally be unlocked! Head north of Wailing Woods on a mountain area where you will find a bunch of unlit lanterns. Go into the middle of this area and it will light them all aflame and unlock the final stage! You can find the exact location in the map below.

Here’s a look at the fourth and final stage:

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