A High Stakes event in Fortnite is coming in the first week of September and we have all of the information you’ll need! There’s going to be a new Wild Card outfit skin, Getaway LTM, and the High Stakes challenge.

Looks like we’re getting an interesting new event coming to Fortnite in the coming week. Hopefully, this will start a new trend of events in the near future. It’d be nice to see Epic throw out a free skin or two for completing these challenges, but we’ll see how everything plays out!

High Stakes Challenge

The High Stakes challenges has you completing three different challenges for different rewards. They are all linked to The Getaway LTM, which you can find more information about below.

Here’s the list and look at the rewards:

  1. Play 10 Matches of The Getaway – Reward: 5,000 XP
  2. Deal 500 Damage to Jewel Carrying Opponent – Reward: Spray
  3. Pick up a jewel in 5 different matches of The Getway – Reward: Contrail
  4. Complete all three challenges – Reward: Crowbar Pickaxe

Getaway LTM

Getaway is a new Limited Time Mode is also ahead of us with this High Stakes event. Four safes have been loaded in Supply Drops around the island. Each one contains a large jewel, you and your team must locate the safe and grab the jewel. Once you’ve got the jewel, you’ll need to head for one of four getaway vans. If you are able to get to the van before getting eliminated, your team will win!

Here’s the official information on the LTM from Epic:

  • Jewels
    • Jewels can be found in special supply drop safes, located along the edge of the first storm circle. The safes take a long time to open, so make sure the area is clear before attempting to claim a Jewel!
    • Four Jewels will be in play on the map AT ALL TIMES. If a player escapes with a Jewel or one is lost in the storm, a new supply drop will bring a replacement.
    • When a Jewel is picked up, it will be visible on the map to everyone for 30 seconds.
    • Carrying a Jewel will give players health & shields over time, but also slow them down by 10%.
  • Getaway Vans
    • Four TOTAL Getaway Vans will be in the map, three that arrive early in the match and one more that shows up near the end.
    • Getaway Vans float in mid-air, Jewel carriers must build up and then interact with them in order to complete a Getaway.
    • The goal is to find or steal a Jewel and take it to one of the vans in order to secure a Victory Royale.
    • Once they arrive, safe drops and Getaway Vans will be visible on the map at all times.
  • 12 red “Pursuit” Supply Drops land at the very beginning of the match. These carry a variety of longer-range weapons and other items, and are the only way to obtain the new Grappler in this mode.
  • Resource harvesting amounts increased by 50%.
  • Only Rare weapons or higher will be found in this mode.
  • Rifts, Rift-To-Go and Launchpads have been removed to reduce mobility for Getaway Van engagements.
  • Profile Stats (K/D & Wins) are tracked in this mode, but Umbrellas are not awarded for wins.


Wild Card Skin

Epic has announced that to coincide with the new High Stakes event there’s going to be a Wild Card skin. This skin is very similar to The Ace skin that was released recently in Starter Pack #3. It’s also being looked at as the “evil” version of The Reaper, better known as John Wick.

The Wild Card skin comes with four different options to set as your mask. Each represents a suit in a deck of cards: Hearts, Clubs, Diamonds, and Spades. With this skin comes the Cuffed Case Back Bling!

Cuffed Case Back Bling

Safe Cracker Glider

As with most high end skins, there will be a Glider as part of the set. The one you can get during the event will be the Safe Crack Glider!

Safe Crack Glider

Wild Card Wallpaper

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