Our guide to the Heavy Sniper will walk you through its stats, damage, where and how to find it, plus feature some tips to utilize to its fullest extent in Fortnite!

We got a pretty powerful weapon last update with the Double Barreled Shotgun, and now we’re getting a strong new Sniper Rifle! This one is interesting because it will instantly destroy any type of wall/ramp that is in front of it. All material types go down in one shot: wood, brick, or metal. This opens up some interesting strategies for duos and squads, but it’s unclear how well this will translate into solos.

Heavy Sniper Gameplay

You can check out the Heavy Sniper in action with the video below!

Heavy Sniper Release Date

The Heavy Sniper was released on August 15th, 2018. It was officially announced on the 12th of August, but had been leaked from dataminers previously.

Heavy Sniper Damage & Stats

The Heavy Sniper deals 150 body damage and 375 headshot damage with the Epic version. The Legendary version deals 157 damage to the body and a whopping 392 damage to the head. The Heavy Sniper has a 2.5x critical multiplier.

This gun does heavy damage to buildings and structures. The epic version doess 1,050 and the legendary version does 1,100. This is relevant for structures that aren’t built by players due to their higher hp.

Heavy Sniper Where-to Find

You’ll be able to find these in chests, supply drops, and vending machines. In rare situations you also might find one as floor loot.

Heavy Sniper Tips & Tricks

If you are struggling with this weapon, check out our Snipers Tips & Tricks Guide!

  • You can destroy any wall in one shot. You can do this and immediately switch to another weapon to start dealing damage.
  • It does NOT hit an enemy that’s behind the wall. The bullet doesn’t penetrate the structure, so you won’t be able to deal damage to people if they are hiding.
  • This will be better in duos and squads where you can time blowing out a wall with your partner firing off a sniper shot or firing with another gun. You’ll want to be very coordinated when pulling this off, so make sure you are telling your partner(s) exactly when you are going to do it.
  • This sniper does a ton of damage, so even landing a body shot on most people is going to knock or eliminate them. 150 health is the typical average you are going to find most opponents because of mini shields being the most common consumable.
  • This is the highest damage weapon in the game, headshots do an insane amount of damage. Makes me wonder if they will explore giving players over 200 hp at some point, maybe in the form of a temporary consumable.

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