Our Fortnite Downtown Drop LTM Challenges Fastest Way to Change Tile Colors and Collect Coins, Shoes, Basketballs Guide has a quick method to collecting these items that will help you finish up the Downtown Drop Challenge for tiles, and help you quickly earn the styles from both the Clutch and Grind skins!

If you’ve purchased the Hang Time Bundle and you’re looking for a way to quickly collect all of the items and change the Tile Colors, but don’t want to play the new Droptown Drop LTM, then you’re in luck. There’s a Creative Map you can play that features a huge area that is filled with coins, shoes, basketballs, and tiles to walk over.

Go to Creative mode, and enter in the following code into one of the portals: 9523-1539-3713. Once you’ve done that, you just need to enter the map and you’ll be able to run up and down the area collecting coins, shoes, and basketballs. You’ll also be turning tile colors towards the 1,000 Tiles Challenge for the Droptown Drop LTM. Once you’ve turned all the tiles, just restart the map and do it again. It will likely take a few runs of the map to do all thousand of them.

Changing the colors of the tiles will unlock the Back Board (Rex) Style, and collecting coins, shoes, and basketballs will unlock the different styles that can be collected for the Clutch and Grind skins. The LTM isn’t for everyone, so this map should allow you to quickly unlock all the styles for your new skins!

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