Our Fortnite Dark Cupid Challenges Guide walks you through everything you need to know to complete these Valentine’s Day Challenges for 2019! We currently only know a bit because the information is from leaks, but we’ll be updating this post as more official information is released.

It looks like the Love Ranger is the next outfit that will be getting the Tomatohead and Skull Trooper treatment. If you aren’t sure what I mean, these skins both had challenges revolving around them that allowed players who had purchased the skins to gain extra styles or cosmetics by completing them. Tomatohead received the Crown style and Skull Trooper got the Ghost Portal Back Bling if you completed them.

Leaked Information

There’s not a ton to go on, but we do know that if you completed the challenges you will earn at the very least earn yourself a banner icon. This means there’s likely going to be some general population challenges to complete that don’t require you to own the Love Ranger skin. Here’s a look at the banner icon (Credit to Shwubblz for the leak):

As for the Love Ranger skin, it will likely be very similar to the previously mentioned Skull Trooper Challenges. Here’s how it is shown in the files:

The one concerning thing is that you’ll notice it is labeled “CupidDark” rather than after the skin itself. It is likely that the Love Ranger skin is labeled as Cupid in the files.

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Now, if you’ve seen these challenges previously then you’ll likely have seen the following image. This is NOT how the skin is guaranteed to look, but is a concept made by a leaker.

Dark Cupid Love Ranger Concept

That’s all we know for now, we’ll be updating this guide immediately after we get any further information!

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