Epic Games has just revealed the Fortnite Crew cosmetics for June, and truth be told, even though it might have been slightly obvious from the teasers they’ve been releasing this May’s Fortnite Crew, it’s good to have it confirmed!

You may know Cuddle Team Leader, well they are donning a mecha suit and transforming into Mecha Cuddle Master! This Crew pack nets you a plethora of things on May 31. 2021 at 7pm CT:

  • Mecha Cuddle Master with Styles
    • Even though the default style is the trademark pink, it also comes in white and Black, and white and red.
  • Psytronic Bow Back Bling
  • Nuzzle Jet Pickaxe
  • Cuddle Mech Wrap

All subscribers will get the pack on May 31, and all new subs will receive all four of the bonus Loading Screens that were given out all throughout May. As an added bonus, all subscribers will receive a Lobby track.

On top of getting new content every month, we also receive a credit of 1,000 V-Bucks, and the Battle Pass for Chapter 2 Season 7 when it launches. You only have to have one month of Fortnite Crew active to have the Battle Pass for the full Season, usually about three months long.

All content received in your Fortnite Crew subscription stays in your account forever.

Don’t forget, if you subscribe to April’s Fortnite Crew before May 31, you’ll also receive May’s Fortnite Crew Pack, which includes:

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