Epic Games has just released the newest Fortnite Crew cosmetics via the in-game featured news. This month, we’re getting an entirely new set that includes an animated Wrap and a reactive Back Bling.

Skin & Cosmetics

Fortnite Crew members receive several cosmetics when this pack releases on Jan. 31, 2022. This set includes the Aftermath outfit, the Rave Digger harvesting tool, the reactive Flatline back bling, and the animated Glitter n’ Grim weapon wrap.

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Additionally, any crew member with the Protocol Pack back bling will upgrade it to the next level by continuing their Fortnite Crew subscription this month.

Fortnite Crew Info

Fortnite Crew is for avid Fortnite fans and comes packed with features that make every month worth the $11.99 USD Price Tag. We receive new cosmetics every month, including an Outfit, Pickaxe, Wrap, and Back Bling.

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On top of getting new content every month, we also receive a credit of 1,000 V-Bucks, and the Battle Pass for the Current Season! You only have to have one month of Fortnite Crew active to have the Battle Pass for the full Season, which is usually about three months long.

All content received in your Fortnite Crew subscription stays in your account forever.

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