Gifting of cosmetics and skins in Fortnite is coming soon! If you want to know how-to gift skins in Fortnite then this guide will help you learn how, as well as provide you with a release date and everything else you need to know.

If there was one feature to come to Fortnite that a lot of people have wanted it is gifting of cosmetics. Yes, you’d think that it would be more related to gameplay, but people have wanted to gift skins for a while now. Cosmetics and skins have become a huge part of what Fortnite is all about, and people collecting skins is one of the things people find fun with the game. Soon, you will be able to give friends of yours skins for their birthdays or just to a nice person!

Leaked Information

Keep in mind that a large majority of this guide is based off of leaked information. We won’t know how this is all going to work for sure until it is implemented into the game.

Fortnite Gifting Skins Release Date

Unknown as of yet unfortunately! The information on gifting skins that was leaked happened recently, so I would expect it to be added to the game very soon.

How-to Gift Fortnite Skins

Here is where we get into the speculation on how this is all going to work. This is based off of leaks from The1Jaren on Twitter.

As you can see, when you go to purchase a skin you will be greeted with an additional button that allows you to “Buy As A Gift.” Now comes the most interesting screenshot, which is right after you click the button.

Now there’s a lot here to look at. First, you can gift up to four people at a time (including one for yourself). It looks like you will only be able to receive a certain amount of gifts, and once you’ve hit that limit, you’ll have to wait at least 9 days before receiving more. There’s also some hard to read text right below this menu, and it is the amount of gifts you have remaining. It says “5 daily gifts remaining”, which means you are limited to gifting 5 skins per day. Whether or not this is per skin or per recipient is unknown. Once you’ve selected who you want to gift the item to, you’ll go to the Gift Wrap menu.

Here’s where you can personalize your gift, and leave your friend a message or whatever. What is of note on this menu, is that you can’t return gifts to yourself. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t returns gifts you’ve given to other people. So, if you have gift regret, you might be able to get some of those V-Bucks back.

Fortnite Gifting Information

Obviously there’s not a whole lot to go on right now with what has leaked, but there’s some stuff we now know with this new information.

  • You won’t be able to gift someone a skin you already own unless it’s in the item shop. So, you won’t be able to shift around skins and trade for rares and what not.
  • There are going to be pretty heavy limitations on who you gift and how often you are gifting skins.
  • There’s going to be some kind of limit on how many gifts you are able to receive.

That’s all we know for now! Let me know what you think of the upcoming feature in the comments.

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