Rumors have been spreading that Fortnite’s next season will not be Chapter 2 Season 9 as everyone expected, but will reset the count to begin Chapter 3 Season 1. Although the information available is mostly speculative, the chances are high.

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There are two major things to note about this rumor. The speculation started when Twitter user @passy1x tweeted a conversation he had with the Epic Support team to ask popular Fortnite Leaker @iFireMonkey if it seemed real. In the Tweet (which is shown below), an Epic Games Support specialist includes in a response email “The current chapter is here until December 5, 2021”.

This could easily be dismissed as an accident or even simple miscommunication. In a response to the rumors that spread from the Tweet, @iFireMonkey noted that the response is from the Fortnite Support Team, not the Fortnite Development Team. This could make all the difference when trying to determine what message to take from it.

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For those that didn’t believe the next email meant anything special, things became a little more convincing when Epic Games Vice President and Co-Founder Mark Rein responded to the rumors. In his all-too-common calculated response to the question “Will v19.00 be the start of a new chapter?”, Mark Rein simply states “Time will tell.”

We can’t say we’re surprised, since @MarkRein is known for his vague answers about anything regarding Fortnite’s future updates. Still, he didn’t deny the possibility. With all the hype about The Cube Queen’s destructive powers (and her alternate styles being called Islandbane), it’s looking more likely that we’ll be getting a new map soon.

That’s all the information we have so far! Do you think they’re going to reset the chapter in December?

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