With a new week, we welcome new challenges and quests. We are currently on Week 11 of Epic Quests. In this guide, we will provide the guides for those tough-to-complete quests and some general tips to make the simpler quests even easier.

Note: Fortnite Epic Quests go live on Thursdays. This set of quests will be available on August 19, 2021.

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Cheat Sheet Map

The map below provides the locations of all the spawns for this week’s quests with specific locations. Follow the instructions below the map if you need more detail.

The cheat sheet for Fortnite C2S7W11 Epic Quests

General Tips & Tricks

The instructions below contain the links to each individual guide and some simple tips to help make the simple tasks even easier.

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  • Travel in a Saucer [2000]
    • Saucers are the UFOs that are flying three named locations on every map. You can land at any of these locations to take down one of the UFOs and travel in it, or you can go to one of the locations where the UFOs always spawn. It’s easier to go to their spawn points since you don’t have to shoot them down. These spawn points are marked with the orange markers on the map above.
  • Use the Recon Scanner to spot Alien Parasites and Trespassers. [200]
    • Recon Scanners are common drops when you open IO chests at the radar dish bases. To do this, it’s recommended you go to one of those to get a scanner, then go to a spawn point where alien parasites are to reveal them. The areas where you can find IO Chests have red markers above. The areas where you can find Alien Parasites are highlighted in yellow. Alternatively, you can also shoot down a UFO to use the recon scanner on one of the trespassers.
  • Interact with equipment at any IO Radar Dish Base. [3]
    • You can destroy any object at the IO Radar Dish Bases to finish this quest. They are marked with red markers in the map above.
  • Deal damage in alien biomes. [150]
    • The easiest place to do this is at Holly Hatchery. Most of the area here is in an alien biome and it’s a popular landing spot. At the start of the match, land here and simply do some damage to your opponents.
  • Deal damage in alien biomes. [1]
    • With this one, you only have to deal damage, not a specific amount. The easiest spot to do this is Holly Hatchery.
  • Dance with an alien parasite at Sunny Shores, Lazy Lake, or Pleasant Park. [1]
    • You can see where to find alien parasites with the yellow highlighted areas on the map above. Once you have a parasite on you, go to one of the green markers on the map and do any dance with it still attached.
  • Go for a swim with an Alien Parasite. [1]
    • You can see where to find alien parasites with the yellow highlighted areas on the map above. Once you have a parasite on you, simply jump in any source of water deep enough to swim.

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