With a new week, we welcome new challenges and quests. We are currently on Week 10 of Epic Quests. In this guide, we will provide the guides for those tough-to-complete quests and some general tips to make the simpler quests even easier.

Note: Fortnite Epic Quests go live on Thursdays. This set of quests will be available on August 12, 2021.

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Cheat Sheet Map

The map below provides the locations of all the spawns for this week’s quests with specific locations. Follow the instructions below the map if you need more detail.

Fortnite C2S7W10 Cheat Sheet

General Tips & Tricks

The instructions below contain the links to each individual guide and some simple tips to help make the simple tasks even easier.

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  • Use the Grab-itron or Saucer’s tractor beam to deliver a tractor to Hayseed’s Farm. [1]
    • You can find tractors at the red markers on the map above. If you drive a UFO over Corny Complex, you should see several tractors placed in the fields. For more detailed instructions on how to do this, use this guide.
  • Travel in an Inflate-A-Bull. [200]
    • Inflate-A-Bulls can be found in chests and as floor loot anywhere on the map. To complete this task, you simply need to roll around in one for a total of 200 meters. This can be done in more than one match.
  • Visit the Guardian Towers. [3]
    • The yellow markers on the map above show the locations of all the Guardian Towers. You only need to visit three of them to complete the quest.
  • Catch a gun while fishing. [1]
    • The blue highlights in the map above show the best spots for fishing. You will rarely find a gun from fishing unless you are fishing from a Fishing Spot, which are the bubbly waves that show up in the water.
  • Outlast Opponents. [200]
    • This is the only quest that needs to be completed across multiple matches. The number of matches depends on how long you last throughout the match. The easiest way to complete this quest is to land in a secluded area and stay away from other players to reach the end of the match.
  • Eliminations at close range. [1]
    • This is easiest to do in Team Rumble since you start off with a shotgun every time you spawn. You can do this easily toward the end of the match by landing next to an opponent with your shotgun ready to go.
  • Damage Doctor Slone. [50]
    • The orange marker in the map above shows Doctor Slone’s location. You can finder her in the underground complex beneath Corny Complex. For further information on how to find Doctor Slone, use this guide.

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