The Fortnite grapevine is an interesting place. The latest rumor to be plucked from its branches is that the next season will likely be themed around Aliens. This seems to be the polar opposite of the season we’re currently in, which keeps things grounded with a Primal theme. Let’s review everything we’ve seen so far!

Tweets & Leaks

Known Fortnite leakers iFireMonkey and Hypex took the reigns in the information drop, but perhaps blended the line between what is solid fact and what is speculation. The following tweet sums up events that happened on May 25, 2021.

The words “They’re coming” aren’t much to go on, but we have to consider everything going on. The thought on everyone’s mind is undoubtedly about who is coming. Fortnite developer Epic Games has all but confirmed it with the content they’re releasing to the game. Still, there are more Tweets to look at, first.

The above Tweets showcase content we believe is slated to be put into the game, but there are no details when or, perhaps more importantly, why. What it confirms is that aliens are coming, but we aren’t certain yet if that’s the official theme for Chapter 2 Season 7. That’s where the Foreshadowing quests come in.

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The Foreshadowing Quests

The Foreshadowing Quests are from a recently datamined questline that all seem to revolve around mysterious messages and things that point to outer space. The first two quests have been implemented into the game, but there are more to come that are even more convincing of this supposed Alien theme for the next Season. Here are all the quests coming in the coming month, as well as what we make of each quest.

  • [In-game] Repair Broken Telescopes: The first thing that suggests the future theme involves outer space. They are literally made to look into the sky!
  • [In-game] Investigate the Downed Black Helicopter: What caused it to crash? Perhaps an aerial attack? Or did it crash into something in the sky? When you complete this quest, you hear a message about a field Decon truck incoming. That’s some pretty serious equipment being used for whatever is going on.
  • Use a CB Radio: This will likely reveal more information like what is revealed from the helicopter.
  • Place Warning Signs at the Crop Circle: This is the most obvious sign that the next season will be related to aliens. What makes crop circles?
  • Destroy Spooky TV Sets: What would make a TV float in midair? And why TVs? Perhaps both answers lie in the idea of alien technology designed to communicate with humans the best way they know how.

That’s all we have so far as to this outlandish theory. Hopefully, more will be revealed as the next season’s release date draws in!

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