Glyph Master Raz seems to be a villainous astral projection of Raz and has taken the place of the Spire Assassin at The Spire. Use the guide below to help locate him and for some tips on taking on this difficult hostile NPC.

How to Defeat Glyph Master Raz and Collect The Spire Artifact

If you head to Colossal Crops to complete this mission (Raz’s normal spawn point), you’ll find that Raz is in his holographic form, and he seems worried that he somehow traveled to The Spire. This is a hint that you need to go to The Spire to defeat his evil form Glyph Master Raz.

You’ll find Glyph Master Raz walking around the buildings at the base of the spire. He wanders the entire area, so the best way to look for him is by listening to his telltale demonic mutterings. When you find him, you must defeat him to pick up the Spire Artifact he drops, which is no easy task.

Fighting Raz in Fortnite

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Here are some tips to help you defeat Raz and finish the final Spire Quest.

  • Land at the Spire. Raz carries a highly sought-after Mythic explosive bow, so plenty of players will want to defeat him, even if they’ve already completed the quest. You should land at The Spire early to make sure you get a chance to defeat him.
  • Load up. You want to have multiple weapons at your disposal, preferably Rare rarity or higher. Raz has high HP and several attacks, so you’ll need to use different weapons with different ranges to defeat him. Make sure you have some form of healing. Healing yourself quickly with Floppers is always best.
  • Keep your distance. When you’re finally fighting him, be sure to keep your distance. Raz has an attack that shoots electricity through walls and can deal up to 50 damage to you if you’re too close. Hiding behind objects doesn’t help, you need to be out of range of the attack.
  • Steal the kill. Since there will probably be other players trying to kill him, you could always wait until they whittle him down to low health, then pounce on both them and Raz with stronger weapons.
  • Take your time. The best way we found to defeat him is to keep your distance, peak your head around a corner, empty a clip into him, then dash away before he strikes back. He rarely follows you for long.

Ultimately, defeating Raz relies entirely on your skill level as a player. He is significantly more difficult to defeat than any other NPC, even the Spire Assassin that used to guard The Spire.

Once you defeat him, you will see a Spire Artifact drop from his body. Approach it and interact with it to mark the quest as complete. Congratulations! You just finished the final Spire Quest!

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