Our Fortnite Basketball Court Locations guide, will help you locate every spot needed to complete your challenges for the week! We’ve got a full map of the locations, as well as description that should get you there with ease.

In week 2 of the Season 5 Battle Pass, you will be required to break out one of your new basketball toys and sink it in the basket! This is a new cosmetic type that was added to the game, there’s currently only basketballs and golf balls. Based on how you aim your crosshairs will determine the distance of your shot. You will need to fine tune this to sink a basket and get credit towards this challenge!

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Fortnite Basketball Court Locations

There were actually quite a few more basketball courts than I realized in the game. I know some of them were added more recently, but if you want to get your hoop on in Fortnite, there are plenty of spots to do so! Remember to equip a basketball toy to one of your emote spots in the Locker area for easy access.

  • Junk Junction: All the way in the north west you can find a basketball court in the junkyard. It’s in the north most portion of the area.
  • Snobby Shores: In the backyard of the indicated house is a basketball area!
  • YMCA (Indoor Soccer Field Area, West of Tilted): To the direct west of the indoor soccer field is a basketball hoop.
  • Greasy Grove: In the north western portion of Greasy Grove is a basketball court!
  • Tilted Towers: Probably one of the most well-known basketball courts is in tilted. It has a whole lootable area underneath it, so check that out after you hit your shot.
  • North West of Fatal Fields Mountain: There’s a mountain to the south west of Salty Springs, on top of there is a house and behind it is a pretty busted basketball court!
  • Retail Row (LeBron’s House): If you head to the southern most house in Retail Row you will find the home that has been dubbed “LeBron’s House” because of the adjacent basketball court!
  • RV Park (East of Retail Row): In the south portion of the RV Park you can find a small basketball court area.
  • Paradise Palms: In the new desert biome, there’s a basketball court towards the east portion of the area. It’s on the street, in-between a couple of houses and north of the lap pool.

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