Season 5 has brought us a very interesting new addition to the game with the All Terrain Kart or simply the Golf Cart! This guide will feature a map with all of the locations to find these vehicles, as well as controls, and tips and tricks on how-to use them successfully!

While Shopping Carts were the first step in this direction, these new Golf Carts are now actually a legit powered vehicle. These can carry four people (full squad) and your teammates can not only shoot from them, but if they are hanging off the back they can actually shift around to avoid gunfire!

All Terrain Kart/Golf Cart Locations

These are scattered across the map, and I’m still locating a bunch of them so this map will be updated. However, if you want to find one there’s a ton at Lazy Links, which is the new Golf Course area. You can also find a bunch at the racetrack that used to be for shopping carts, but now is for peeling around in these babies!

All Terrain Kart/Golf Cart Controls

Here’s a list of the controls you can use when you are driving one of these new karts. These are the default controls I’m going to list, if you’ve changed any of these they might be different. The controls are displayed on the left side of the screen once you have entered a vehicle.

You drive the kart by using the WASD keys on a PC Keyboard. On PS4, however, you will need to use R2 to go forward and L2 for Brake/Reverse.

  • Enter: Use Key (E on PC, Square on PS4)
  • Exit: Use Key (E on PC, Square on PS4 in driver’s seat or X in passenger seat)
  • Powerslide: Jump Key (Spacebar on PC, L1 on PS4)
  • Switch Seats: Crouch Key (L-Ctrl on PC, Press Right Stick on PS4)

If you are in the back of the cart, you can use your movement keys to shift around. If you press down, you will dusk your head behind the kart making it more difficult for someone to hit headshots on you.

All Terrain Kart/Golf Cart Tips and Tricks

  • The karts have HP and can be destroyed! If you take too many shots or take big falls the kart will go kablooey.
  • If you’ve ever played Mario Kart before you will be well acquainted with the powerslide mechanic. While turning, engage the powerslide key and you will notice blue sparks firing out behind you. If you continue to hold the button the sparks will turn yellow and then red, and once you let go of the button you will get a speed boost!
  • If you are hanging off the back of one of these, you can actively move around using your movement keys. This is a good way to attempt to avoid shots if you are driving around with your crew.

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