Epic Games recently announced that Ali-A, one of the most popular Fortnite creators, will be joining the Icon Series. Ali-A’s Icon Series cosmetics will arrive in the Item Shop from May 19, 2022. To celebrate this, players will also get to take part in the Ali-A’s Quests to unlock the Ali-A Was Here Spray. Players will have to eliminate 25 opponents at the Ali-A Experience to unlock the spray.

How to get the Ali-A Outfit early in Fortnite

The Ali-A Cup will take place on May 18, 2022, and it will give players a chance to unlock the Ali-A Outfit and Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling early. The format is Zero Build Duos, and placing high enough will reward players with the cosmetic items before they arrive in the Item Shop. At the same time, earning at least eight points during the Ali-A Cup will enable players to unlock the Ali-A Army Emoticon.

The Ali-A outfit will have four unique style variants: Default, Elevated, Matroix, and Ultra-Armor Matroix Styles. Similarly, there will be different color choices for all the variants of the Sapphire Paragon and Titanium Tac style edits. These will include the Rare Reaper, Uncommon Combat, Epic Insurgent, and Legendarian color options.

The cosmetic accessories will include the Ali-Tech Backplate Back Bling, Ali-Tech Plasmawings, Ali-Tech Plasmawings Glider, and  Ali-Tech Staff Pickaxe. Additionally, players will also get The Blue A Wrap and the Lil’ Diplodoculus Emote along with the cosmetic bundle.

Ali-A Experience Fortnite Island Code

The Ali-A Experience Fortnite creative Island recently went live, and this is where players will have to eliminate 25 opponents to earn the Ali-A Was Here Spray. Enter the following Island Code in the creative hub to get started: 5135-8778-2901.

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