The Fortnite Battle Royale 5.4.0 update will be adding the Revolver to the vault, changing how the storm interacts with structures in the end game, and has some item updates that will change stack sizes and rarities!

Storm Destruction

Right now there’s quite a bit of turtling, structure building, and “snaking” in the end of most competitive games. Epic’s potential solution to this is to make the storm destroy structures that are touching the edge of it in the end circles. This will hopefully force more interaction between players, instead of battles between players healing themselves with med kits and campfires. We will see how this plays out, but anything that increases fights will be good for the competitive scene.

Revolver Heading to the Vault

The trusty (not really) Revolver is heading to the vault in the 5.4 update. This is a long time coming, it has been one of the worst guns in the game for a long time. I’d like to see some more guns head to the vault as well, maybe the Drum Gun could spend some time in there. There was also talks about more items heading to the vault in upcoming updates as well as in Season 6.

Check out our post with a Full List of Fortnite Vaulted Items.

New Mobility Item: The Grappler

Another new mobility item is being added to the game and it’s The Grappler. This seems crazy to me because they just added Rift to Go and the Shockwave Grenade. These are already pretty powerful items for moving around the map, so this is another addition to the arsenal.

Item Updates

A few items are getting some changes to rarity and stack sizes.

  • Remote Explosives – Going from Rare to Epic rarity.
  • Boogie Bomb – Drops in stacks of two instead of one now.
  • Shield Potion – Maximum stack size is being increased from two to three.

These are some interesting change. I think Remote Explosives is a good change, it can be a frustrating item to play against. I don’t see Boogie Bomb seeing that much more play, even with the change. The Shield Potion change is pretty big, I could see these being carried a lot more often rather than opting for Small Shields.

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