This is a quick guide on how to find Fortbyte 89 Accessible by flying the Scarlet Strike Glider through the rings east of Snobby Shores! Keeping up with these Fortbytes will allow you to obtain styles in your Season 9 Battle Pass, and get you closer to unlocking the Utopia skin.

Fortbyte #89 Location

The Scarlet Strike is a new glider in the Season 9 Battle Pass. You’ll need to be tier 39 to obtain it, make sure to have it equipped before entering the game.

Scarlet Strike – Tier 39

Head on over to the south side of Snobby Shores. The Fortbyte and rings should be located between Snobby and the Viking Village. If you have the glider equipped, you’ll see rings in this area.

You should only need to glide through three rings before you see a fourth and final ring with a Fortbyte inside of it. Glide through that final ring, and you’ll obtain it!

If you haven’t found the rest of these yet, then check out our Fortbyte Guide!

Fortbyte #89 Video

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