This quick guide will show you exactly where to find Fortbyte 64’s location that is Accessible by Rox on Top of Stunt Mountain! Keeping up with these Fortbytes will allow you to unlock styles in your Season 9 Battle Pass, and get you closer to the Utopia skin.

Fortbyte #64 Location

This is a very easy one, you just need to make sure to have the Rox skin equipped. That means you’ll need to have purchased the Battle Pass, because she is the tier 1 skin that is available. It’s actually a pretty nice skin, and has a lot of different variations to try.

Rox – Tier 1

Once you have that equipped, you are going to make your way into the game and head for the big mountain that is between Snobby Shores and Loot Lake. It’s the mountain that is closer to Loot Lake, it’s pretty much in the middle of these two locations.

Land at the top of the mountain, and right in front of the elevation sign will be the #64 Fortbyte to add to your collection.

If you haven’t found the rest of these yet, then check out our Fortbyte Guide!

Fortbyte #64 Video

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