This is a quick guide on how to find Fortbyte 32’s location that is accessible by wearing Kyo Pet Back Bling at the northern most point! Keeping up with these Fortbytes will allow you to obtain styles in your Season 9 Battle Pass, and get you closer to unlocking the Utopia skin.

This Fortbyte appears to be bugged for some players! Even with the equipped Kyo Pet, some are unable to collect it. Epic will hopefully have a solution for this, we’ll keep you updated.

Fortbyte #32 Location

First things first, we’re going to need to get all the way up to Tier 28 before we are able to obtain this Fortbyte! You need the Kyo pet, which is used as a back bling. You won’t be able to collect the Fortbyte until you unlock this and have it equipped!

Kyo – Tier 28

Once we’ve got Kyo equipped, we’re going to need to head to the northern most point on the island. This is north east of Junk Junction, and is marked by a sign that was used in a challenge in Season 8.

To the west of the sign is a small pile of rocks, in the middle of those will be Fortbyte #32. As long as you have Kyo equipped, you should be able to collect it from this spot!

If you haven’t found the rest of these yet, then check out our Fortbyte Guide!

Fortbyte #32 Video

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