Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak brings several new critical features for players to enjoy as they traverse the massive expansion created by Capcom. One new type of mission users can participate in during Sunbreak includes Follower Quests. What are these new mission types in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

What are Followers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Followers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are characters from the main story that can accompany players on specific missions in the expansion. These characters will hunt alongside players in Follower Quests. These helpers can heal you, place traps, and even ride monsters in battle, making them powerful allies.

Screenshot via Capcom

Follower Quest Restrictions

Followers can only accompany players in single-player Follower Quests. Each Follower has a predetermined weapon specialization that players cannot change. Try to pick a follower whose weapon specialization complements your own for maximum efficiency in battle during Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak. Players start with a small set of Followers, but more unlock throughout the Sunbreak campaign. Make sure to finish the story to collect them all.

Screenshot via Capcom

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