Flaming Espinas happens when you add further aggression to an already aggressive species. Needlessly to say, it is dangerous, rocking an array of powerful fire and poison attacks, along with practical immunity to both. It is a monster that will not give you an inch if you don’t create that inch yourself. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered on that front. Here’s Flaming Espinas’ weaknesses, resistances, and drops in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

All Flaming Espinas information and weaknesses in MHR Sunbreak

TypeFlying WyvernThreat Level9/10
Main WeaknessWaterMinor WeaknessThunder/Dragon
Main Status WeaknessBlastMonster Resistant toFire/ice

Flaming Espinas Elemental weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Flaming Espinas is even more difficult to fight than the standard species. This is because of this ridiculous aggression and ruthless combination of attacks laced with flame and poison. The longer the fight, the harder it will be to survive, so you’ll want to bring it down as soon as possible. We recommend you use a Water weapon to achieve this. In most other means of elemental damage, Flaming Espinas will just shrug off. Its legs and abdomen are its main weak spots, so aim for as much as possible.


Flaming Espinas Weapon location weakness in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak

Both severing and blunt force weaponry work well against Flaming Espinas. If using a severing weapon, we recommend aiming for its tail. If using a blunt weapon, we recommend aiming for its head and abdomen. If using a Bowgun, we recommend focusing all firepower on its legs.


Flaming Espinas Status resistances and alignments in MHR Sunbreak

In the following table, zero stars mean it is immune to that ailment, while three stars mean it is super weak. As a subspecies that does not differ in typing from its standard, Flaming Espinas is completely immune to Poison. However, Blast is effective against it, along with Waterblight if you have a means of applying it.

ParaylsisWaterblight ★★
Blast ★★Iceblight

Flaming Espinas Drop Rates – Carves, capturing, breaking & more in MHR Sunbreak

As with most drops in Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak, certain items have different chances of dropping depending on how you deal with the monster. Breaking off specific parts, capturing the monster, picking up white drops, and rewards all influence what drops are obtained. Flaming Espinas is no exception.

Broken Part RewardsCarvesDropped Materials
Flaming Espinas Shard21%27%40% (Wing)41% (Body), 12% (Tail)50%
Flaming Espinas Cortex35%37%12% (Horn), 70% (Back)31% (Body)34%
Flaming Espinas Toxic Blood26%–%30%[x2] (Back)21% (Body)15%
Flaming Espinas Lash8%12%–%80% (Tail)–%
Flaming Espinas Surpsike7%–%60% (Wing)5% (Body), 5% (Tail)3%
Flaming Espinas Mantle3%3%3% (Horn)2% (Body) 3% (Tail)1%
Flaming Espinas Hardhorn–%21%85% (Horn)–%–%
Large Wyvern Tear–%–%–%–%40%

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