The Moonfire Faire is one of the annual events in Final Fantasy XIV that adds new items, celebrates the summer months, and generally gets people in the beach spirit. For 2022, the event returns once again. And we’ve got all the current details on the Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2022, including the date, info, rewards, and more!

FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2022 date

Currently, the Moonfire Faire 2022’s date is not confirmed, but we do have some really good estimates of when it might happen. Last year, in 2021, the event happened on August 13. As a result, we’d expect the 2022 event to happen in the second week or third week of August. We’d estimate the date at August 16 due to patch release and update schedules.

Final Fantasy XIV Moonfire Faire 2022 rewards

In April 2022, details of the Moonfire Faire rewards were leaked online. Final Fantasy XIV content creator LuLu released pictures of the new swimsuit gear along with the news that Lyse’s hairstyle would be made available for Viera (Viera currently has very limited hairstyles).

Image via LuLu

The rewards are as expected: a set of swim and beachwear for players’ Warriors of Light to style and enjoy. The full set appears to contain Chest Pieces, Legs, and Feet slot items. It’s unknown if any other gear or items will be available from the event.

FFXIV Moonfire Faire 2022 additional info

The Moonfire Faire 2022 will also feature a questline and a few returning familiar faces, as usual. Events like the Moonfire Faire typically last for around two to three weeks. The Moonfire Faire is also traditionally a shorter or combined event because it coincides with The Rising, another event usually scheduled for Late August or early September.

As a result, the Moonfire Faire 2022 will very likely intersect or overrun the release of patch 6.2. There’s also a chance the Moonfire Faire or The Rising will release the day after patch 6.2. Square Enix has done this in the past, where they unveil an event the day after the patch release. This has become more common in recent patches, so it could well happen again!

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