Chocobos are one of the most iconic creatures in the Final Fantasy series. Becoming a recurring staple in the Final Fantasy series after being introduced in Final Fantasy II, these larger-than-life birds are known for helping adventurers traverse the massive worlds they are tasked with exploring.

Final Fantasy XIV keeps this theme going in a refreshing, unique way by giving players access to “companions”-chocobos that double as both a mount and a makeshift party member to assist in battle. So how do you get your very own companion?

How to unlock your Companion

To obtain a feathered friend of your very own, first, make sure you have completed the following:

  • Obtained the chocobo mount
  • Reached level 30

After meeting these requirements, travel to Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud and seek out an NPC named Docette to initiate the “My Feisty Little Chocobo” quest. Docette will ask the player to speak with another NPC named Luquelot, so make your way to Bentbranch in the Central Shroud. Speak with Luquelot, and he’ll offer to train your Chocobo, but you’ll need to run a couple of errands for him first. Collect the nearby fresh gysahl greens and slay some Ziz to complete the quest, unlocking the Companion option. You now have a trusty Chocobo companion of your very own, but the fun doesn’t end there.

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Changing Companion’s Color

Similar to Chocobos in other Final Fantasy games, your companion will start as a classic “Desert Yellow” Chocobo. But after placing your companion in a stable and feeding it some savory snacks, you’ll eventually see it start to show some new colors. Up to 85 different colors, depending on what food is selected and how much is used. For example:

  • Snow White Chocobo – 16 Doman Plums, 13 Valfruits, 5 Cieldalaes Pineapples
  • Soot Black Chocobo – 19 Xelphatol Apples, 23 Mamook Pears, 32 O’Ghomoro Berries
  • Sky Blue Chocobo – 12 Doman Plums, 3 Valfruits, 9 O’Ghomoro Berries

These fruits must either be grown in your garden or purchased from the market board but are worth it if you’re going for a particular look. After feeding enough fruit to your Chocobo, you should see a message letting players know their Chocobo will be a different color soon. Return to the stables in about 6 hours, and your Chocobo should be ready for pick-up.


Companions can also wear equipment called “barding” to further change their appearance. This gear doesn’t affect the companion’s stats, just giving a stylish edge instead. Barding can be found as rewards for clearing dungeons and raids or can be bought from the market board. Players can even mix-and-match barding to create a unique, personalized look for their Chocobos.

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Whatever color or barding you choose, there is no wrong choice. Choose what works for bringing your vision to life, then go out and show off your new fashionably-feathered friend!

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