With improved performance, shortened load times, and enhanced visuals, the next-generation version of Final Fantasy VII: Remake is the optimal way to experience the game. Not only can players enjoy this title on their next-generation console, but they can transfer their data from the PlayStation 4 as well. While bringing your saved data along to the PlayStation 5 is possible, the process is a bit confusing, and there are a few steps.

Step One: Make sure the console is connected to the internet. Load your PS4 version of FFVII: Remake. This can be done on either your PS4 or PS5. At the main menu, players will notice an option that prompts them to Upload Save Data. Select this option and choose which save file you’d like to upload for future download.

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Step Two: Once the saved data is uploaded, players can switch over to the PS5 version of the game. Head to the main menu and select the Download Save Data option. Choose the save that was uploaded, and from this point on, players will be able to select the Continue button to resume playing from their PS4 save point.

FFVII: Remake is Square Enix’s reinvention of the classic game released for the original PlayStation in 1997. It focuses on telling stories fans, new and old, can invest in.

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