FIFA 23 has revamped shooting controls, allowing for even more variety in shot-taking and setups. FIFA 23 has an added Power Shot mechanic, but still has many familiar shooting controls. One of the shots that is easy to learn and hard to perfect is the Low Driven Shot. These shots can be used to quickly shoot the ball close to the ground and to beat the goalie to the corner.

Here is how to score Low Driven Shots:

  • Xbox: Hold B and release around 25% shot power.
  • PlayStation: Hold Circle and release around 25% shot power.
  • Switch: Hold A and release around 25% shot power.

How to shoot a Finesse Shot in FIFA 23

Alternatively, you can also perform a Finesse Shot to keep the ball close to the ground and put a little spin on it. To perform a Finesse Shot, hold RB (Xbox), R1 (PlayStation), or ZR (Switch) while pressing the shot button. The Finesse Shot can have more power on it, but precise aiming is a little more difficult.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

In order to score with Low Driven Shots, you need to be in a position to score with the goalie overcommitting to one side. If you are on one side of the goal near or in the box, you will have a better chance of scoring a low-driven shot by aiming to the opposite corner when the goalie shifts to your side.

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