FIFA 23 features a new HyperMotion 2 system and a tweaked shooting system, giving players more freedom and precision to move exactly as they want. There are many ways to dribble and shoot in FIFA 23 and sometimes using a variety of moves can make the difference. When you are far from the goal or just want to put some extra power on a kick, you can perform the new Power Shot. Here is how to do a Power Shot in FIFA 23.

  • Xbox: Hold LB+RB and press B. Aim shot using Left Stick during wind-up.
  • PlayStation: Hold R1+L1 and press Circle. Aim shot using Left Stick during wind-up.
  • Switch: ZR+ZL and press A. Aim shot using Left Stick during wind-up.

FIFA 23 Power Shot Tips

Power Shots take time to perform, so you will need to avoid being interrupted during the shot animation. Power Shots are pretty difficult to master, so try heading to the training field to get familiar with the shot. The top players are good to practice with, but if you get skilled enough with the move, any player can score with it in the right opportunity.

Screenshot by GameTips.PRO

Power Shots require precise aiming to be effective. However, if aimed well, your Power Shot can result in far goals and goalies not being able to react fast enough. The trick to aiming is to start moving the Left Stick as soon as you start winding up for the kick. The shot indicator will pop up, showing you briefly where your kick is going. If you are able to get the indicator to the corners of the goal, you will have a much higher chance of scoring.

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