Ultimate Team has become one of the most favored aspects of the FIFA series, and it returns to FIFA 23. Players looking to build the best team in FUT will likely be looking to complete their Squad Building Challenges and collect their rewards. But those familiar with past FIFA titles may be wondering if SBC rewards are tradable in FIFA 23.

Can you trade SBC rewards in FIFA 23?

The answer is no—you cannot trade SBC rewards in FIFA 23. This was a feature in previous FIFA titles, but EA has ended this, and you can no longer trade SBC rewards. EA has not given an official reason for this change, but it is likely to deal with new anti-cheat measures introduced in FIFA 23.

Many players used tradable SBC rewards to acquire large amounts of coins in FIFA 23. Often you would see players creating alternate accounts to generate coins and then trade the rewards to their actual account. With SBC rewards untradeable, these players cannot do this in FIFA 23.

While some FIFA fans will undoubtedly be disappointed, there is one perk that comes out of this new practice. Players can expect better rewards in this FIFA title and can still enjoy the benefits of their rewards themselves, even if you cannot trade them. Only time will tell if EA’s strict stance on cheating in FIFA and the new steps they take will yield positive results.

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