FIFA 23 offers many game modes that provide vastly diffrent experiences, from simulation to arcade playstyle. Besides well-established game modes, now you have a new option with single-player FIFA Ultimate Team Moments. Here you can complete challenges to earn FUT Stars, a currency you can use to buy packs and items. Here are all Star Gallery rewards in FUT Moments that you can acquire.

You can choose between Standard Packs and Seasonal Rewards menu options in FUT Moments Star Gallery. In Standard, you can always purchase these packs:

  • Gold Pack (12 Items, one Rare) – 12 Stars
  • Premium Gold Pack (12 Items, three Rare) – 16 Stars

The most interesting are Seasonal Rewards, which can be purchased only during the current season. So expect new prizes every couple of months. That gives you enough time to gather all current goodies like players, packs, and more. If you’re lucky, you might even draw Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond squad members.

  • x1 81-83 Rated Rare Players Pack (1 Rare player 81-83 rating) – 40 Stars
  • x1 Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack (24 Gold players, 7 Rare) – 64 Stars
  • x1 Welcome Pack (12 Gold items, 3 Rare) – 3 Stars each
  • x3 Gold Contracts Pack (4 Contracts) – 3 Stars each
  • x3 Gold Players Pack (12 Players, 1 Rare) – 20 Stars each
  • x3 Kylian Mbappe (Loan) – Free
  • x3 Rare Consumables Pack (12 consumables, all Rare) – 24 Stars each
  • x3 Ultimate Draft Token Pack (1 Draft Token) – 24 Stars each

FIFA 23 – How to get more Stars in FUT Moments

FUT Moments are similar to Michael Jordan challenges in NBA 2K23, as you have to play the game with a specific goal in mind (pun intended). For example, you’ll need to recreate a situation from real-life matches that happened over a weekend or score with your goalkeeper. Remember that the most challenging assignments will get you the most FUT Stars. There are several ways to get Stars in FIFA 23 FUT Moments:

  • Career Story Mode
  • Daily Challenges
  • Football Frenzy
  • Pitch Perfect

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